The Portola Green Plan is a neighborhood led long-range vision for our district.

Rooted in the Portola's resilient agricultural heritage the Portola Green Plan is filled with initiatives that support the future health, safety and beauty of the neighborhood. Aiming to increase opportunities for community engagement and investment, the plan lays a roadmap to enliven our neighborhood's Garden District identity. 

Who created the report and what is it?

  • The Portola Urban Greening (PUG) committee, comprised of a diverse group of Portola residents and stakeholders, undertook a yearlong effort to engage the community around issues related to its Garden District identity: past, present and future. 
  • With the help of SITELAB Urban Studio, PUG held a series of workshops to gather feedback from Portola residents, input that grew into the Portola Green Plan.
  • The plan includes the Portola's history, catalogues current greening work, and puts forth opportunities to strengthen the Portola's Garden District identity and to maximize future green outcomes. 

What will the Portola Green Plan do?

  • The Portola Green Plan serves as a resource and roadmap for our neighborhood to expand conversation about our Garden District identity and to further energize related greening efforts. 
  • The goal is for the Plan to help the neighborhood determine its own future – to better ensure that changes in the neighborhood promote a shared neighborhood identity – one that is unifying, meaningful and widely-accepted – and that changes are aligned with and responsive to the hopes and desires of residents and stakeholders of the Portola.

How can I find out more?