What's San Francisco's Garden District #SFGARDENDISTRICT?

The Portola neighborhood is San Francisco's Garden District. 

  • The Portola neighborhood was widely known as "San Francisco's Garden." Once a primary source of cut flowers for the City, residents grew their crops in open fields and, more strikingly, in many family-owned commercial greenhouses spread throughout the neighborhood. 
  • The neighborhood still coalesces around the Portola’s agricultural past. In the 21st century the Portola is overwhelmingly residential with very few physical markers of its agricultural history remaining. In recent decades however, the community has rallied to promote the Portola's Garden District identity.
  • Residents have dedicated thousands of hours to growing the Portola’s Garden District identity. For at least the past decade, a diverse group of neighborhood leaders has worked collectively to revitalize the Portola through this deep-seated identity. The neighborhood is now home to a number of garden sites in schools and other public places, a successful local backyard garden tour, a bee farm, a new pocket park, and a range of public art works celebrating the Portola’s history. 
  • Portola now officially San Francisco's Garden District. The neighborhood's rich history and recent green efforts were recognized in 2016 by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, which unanimously passed a resolution naming the Portola as San Francisco's Garden District. A sign installed in early 2017 now officially announces the Portola's identity to those passing by on 101-South welcoming residents and newcomers alike into the Garden District!



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